Torgeir Rørvik

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In the next decade a new way of being will emerge. The physical world will submerge into the metaphysical. A new digital space of living and breathing awaits. In the meta society the worship of crypto currency overtakes traditional religious rituals and organisations, wiping away centuries of societal norms and control mechanisms. Gods, Demigods and Deities all now compete for attention on the open market in this new democratic space of understanding.

Where present chores are replaced by virtual tasks and streets experienced as 3D rendered environments, our physical homes become simply a space of sustenance. The metaverse spikes our senses, intravenously surging through our stem cells.

The body of work questions our understanding of civilisation itself. Will society be resurrected from our 20th century addiction to mass consumption? How will our fragile human bodies adjust to the caress of digital space rather than a reassuring physical presence?

And how angry will the physical world be, by us leaving it behind?